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Repeal Global – Pints for Repeal

March 17, 2018

Irish & Allies Unite!!

Repeal Global are at it again! Taking over the inter webs to support the abortion rights campaigners at home! We need your help! 

What can you do, even if you live abroad? Simply take a moment during your Paddy’s Day celebrations to snap a shot, and post to your social media using the #repealthe8th hashtag. It’ll be like an online rally to celebrate our Irishness but at the same time highlighting this serious human rights issue. #REPEALTHE8th

Want to do more!? GREAT!

It is time to rally the troops! In an effort to raise awareness (and funds) for the PRO CHOICE movement, we’re encouraging everyone to leverage the Paddy’s Day holiday to raise awareness for the PRO CHOICE campaign in Ireland while drinking pints! It’s the perfect combination!

Paddy’s Day is our national celebration of Ireland but let’s not forget that Irish women have being fighting for bodily autonomy for decades! 

And it’s our job to be global ambassadors and EDUCATE people on R E P E A L (while we of course drink pints). 

It’s easy, just post a pic of yourself or your pint using the hashtags #pintsforrepeal #repealthe8th. 

If you live abroad: You can donate money to The Abortion Support Network, who provide financial assistance to those forced to travel for an abortion.

If you live in Ireland: We are asking Irish people to donate 8 for the 8th. Simple, just donate €8 to the Abortion Rights Campaign or Coalition to Repeal the 8th. 

Or why not have a pub quiz, host a bingo night, throw a talent show, raffle off something silly, round up mates for pints and ask for donations, whatever it is that you can do in YOUR local area to raise awareness and help raise funds for pro choice movements? On our biggest day of the year let’s drink to freedom for Irish women and have a PINT FOR R E P E A L!

That’s all we’re asking you to do. Whatever it is you CAN. Every little counts!

Cheers to Repealing the 8th!


March 17, 2018
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