Merch for Choice FAQs

**REPEAL JUMPERS ALL SOLD OUT! Many thanks to you all for supporting the campaign with your purchase!**

Got a question about your Merch for Choice Order? We’ve prepared this FAQ to answer some of the most common queries we get. 

Help! My order didn’t arrive!

Due to delivery issues out of our control some of you didn’t get the jumpers you ordered 🙁 If you email [email protected] quoting your order number we’ll do our best to help you. It may take a few days to reply so please bear with us! Thank you for your continuing support.

Question: How long till I get my order?

When you order from Merch for Choice please bear in mind that our shop is 100% run by volunteers. We process and ship orders as soon as we can but obviously we are not Amazon – orders cannot be processed and shipped right away!  The average time for processing orders is 1-2 days from the date you placed your order, and the average time for shipping in Ireland (after processing) is 3-5 working days – please keep that in mind when placing your order and allow plenty of time for processing and delivery. Thank you for your patience!

Question: Are you selling Repeal jumpers?

Merch for Choice is no longer selling black Repeal jumpers. Coloured Repeal jumpers (in pink, blue and plum) are available from Together for Yes pop-up shops in the following locations:

Library Project, 2 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Trinity SU, Trinity College Dublin
Cork TFY Shop, Washington St, Cork

Question: I’ve just ordered my item but want to update my shipping address, can this be done?

Answer: If we are advised quickly after you order that you would like your item(s) shipped to a different address to the one you supplied when ordering we can usually get this updated in our systems. If we have begun processing your order (you’ll have received an email notification to tell you that your order is moving to processing) it’s most likely that it is too late to change the address. We recommend that you double check that the shipping address is accurate when placing your order to avoid any issues.

Question: I’d like to know what the status of my order is, how can I find out?

Answer: After you place your order with us, depending on how large our order backlog is, it will take us a few days to start processing it. You’ll receive an email notification when your order is processing, and another when it has shipped. If you haven’t received these communications it means that our volunteers are probably dealing with a large volume of orders. We really appreciate you want your item as soon as possible, so our volunteers are working 7 days a week to make sure we fulfill all orders as quickly as we can.

Question: I received an email to say my order was shipped but I haven’t received it, how can I track delivery?

Answer: Our packages are delivered to you by Fastway, and most deliveries within Ireland will complete within 5 working days of you receiving the shipment notification from us. Sometimes you won’t be home when Fastway tries to deliver your package to you. In these cases Fastway will leave an attempted delivery card for you, which will advise you how to get in touch with them to arrange another time for delivery. Fastway will also attempt to contact you by phone or email to arrange delivery. If you’re concerned about your order please let us know and we will link you with Fastway as soon as we can. Please note that Fastway does not track orders shipping outside of Ireland.

Question: I’m trying to order an item but the webpage is advising that you’re out of stock, how can I find out about upcoming availability?

Answer: Our team of volunteers works hard to avoid to prevent things that you want going out of stock, we want you to have your items as much as you do! Sometimes however when a particular item is very popular we can’t meet the demand. The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on all the usual socials to get updates on when we get our most popular items back in stock.

Abortion Rights Campaign Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Repeal Project Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Together for Yes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Question: I’ve ordered more than one item, and I don’t think they’ve shipped yet, can they be sent together?

Answer: Unfortunately, this one is a trickier than you think, we recommend that if this is an absolute must for you that you cancel and replace you orders as one order. Please keep in mind that if you cancel your order a refund will need to be processed for your cancelled orders. These can take a couple of working days.

Question: I’d like to buy one of your t-shirts and jumpers but I’m unsure of the measurements for your different sizes.

Answer: We want you to be as comfortable as possible in the item you’ve ordered so we have included a handed size guide for each item. You’ll find the chest and collar measurement for each size in both inches and centimetres.

Question:  I’ve ordered an item, but I want to change my order.

Answer: In most cases it’s easier to cancel, get a refund, and place a new order. Our volunteers will often have started processing your order when we get your request to change, and it’s very difficult to change an order mid process. To ensure you get your items as quickly as possible please cancel and place a new order.

Question: I’ve order a Repeal jumper that has been marked as Pre Order. I’m really excited to wear it! How long until my order ships?

Answer: The Repeal jumpers are hugely popular, and our volunteers work around the clock to make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible. While we can’t give you an exact date for shipment, orders placed up to 11th April will be shipped by May 1st, and orders made on or after 12th April will be shipped by May 8th. You’ll receive an email when we’ve started processing your order (exciting!) and another one when we’ve shipped your order (even more exciting!).

Question: I ordered badges / T-shirts / stickers from Merch for Choice, but they haven’t arrived and it’s been a while. When will I get my order?

Answer: Due to the huge number of Repeal jumper pre-orders in at the moment our entire shop is working through a bit of a backlog, which means our shipping dates are delayed. We’re working through all orders in the sequence they come to us, so the time it takes to get your order will depend on how recently you placed it. We’re getting through the orders as fast as we are able (remember: all volunteers!) so please bear with us. You’ll get a notification when your order is processing and another one when it is shipped. Thanks for your patience.

Question: I ordered an item, but I’ve changed my mind. The money has been taken from my account for the item. How long will it take for me to be refunded?

If you paid via credit card or debit card, PayPal will credit the funds back to your card. While PayPal sends the money back immediately, your card company may take up to 48 hours to claim the funds. After that, they may allow themselves up to 30 days to apply the credit to your account.

Question: I’ve sent a query to the email mailbox but haven’t received a response yet, how long do responses usually take?

Answer: Our mailbox is managed by volunteers. We try to respond to all emails as quickly as possible, but please allow around 48 – 72 hours for a response. Have a look through the rest of this frequently asked questions section, there might be helpful information there. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If this FAQ doesn’t answer your question please contact us at [email protected].