Referendum Funding

Referendum Funding – 16th March 2018

The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) is a voluntary, grassroots movement for change in Ireland. We are not in receipt of any public funds.

The Abortion Rights Campaign will be campaigning for a yes vote in the upcoming referendum and is a lead campaign in the ‘Together for Yes’ campaign. Over the past 5 years, ARC have raised €175,000 through individual donations from Irish residents, fundraising events and merchandise sales.

Over the next 9 weeks, ARC hope to raise a further €80,000 through our supporters to use for referendum campaigning. ARC will also be encouraging donations to the ‘Together for Yes’ campaign. ARC plan to primarily spend funds on posters, leaflets and canvassing materials over the course of the referendum campaign.

In March 2018, the Abortion Rights Campaign registered with the Standards in Public Office commission as a Third Party. ARC operate in accordance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.