Abortion Rights Roadshow



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With a referendum getting ever closer, now is the time to get our pro-choice message to everyone around the country. This summer, the Abortion Rights Campaign is planning the first ever Abortion Rights Roadshow. We aim to travel to every county on the island of Ireland spreading our pro-choice message – informing the public on why free, safe, and legal abortion access is the gold standard of care, and why it must be introduced both north and south.

Every weekend during the summer we’ll be holding day and night time events. During the day, we’ll run street stalls equipped with informative leaflets, posters, and volunteers who will be able to answer your questions about abortion rights, the 8th amendment, and our vision for the future in Ireland.

In the evening, each county will have a different event. We will put on exhibitions, speakouts, panel discussions, or gigs where local pro-choice people can come and meet each other, have fun, find out more about the campaign, and help raise some money for their local regional group.

We hope to hold events every weekend over the summer, and hit a new location (or two!) each day. That’s where you come in: we need your help to make this happen!

The more money we raise, the more leaflets we can print, the more counties we can visit, and the more people we can reach.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of upcoming events. There will be a Pub Quiz and street stall in Meath on 23 June.

Look out for your local Roadshow event:

Galway – June 17th
Choice Tunes, The Roisin Dubh, 8.30pm
For more information contact Galway Pro Choice: prochoicegalway@gmail.com

Meath – June 23rd
Day: Street Stall
Evening: Pub Quiz, Ryan’s Bar, Navan, 9pm
For more information contact Meath For Choice: meathforchoice@gmail.com

Clare – July 1st
Day: Street Stall
For more information contact Abortion Rights Campaign Clare: abortionrightsclare@gmail.com

Belfast – July 5th + 8th
July 5th: Pro Choice Pizza and Pints, The Sunflower Bar, 7pm – 9pm
July 8th: Information stall in Belfast
For more information contact Alliance for Choice: alliancechoice4@gmail.com

Tyrone – July 8th
Day: Information stall in Omagh
For more information contact Alliance for Choice: alliancechoice4@gmail.com

Derry – July 8th
Morning: Street Stall
Day: Pro-choice craft-Prop workshop, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 12.30pm – 2.30pm
For more information contact Alliance for Choice Derry: equalchoice@aol.com

Sligo – August 11th
Quiz and DJ night
For more information contact Sligo Pro Choice ARC: repealthe8thsligoarc@gmail.com

Kerry – August 12th
3 Street Stalls: Listowel, Killarney and Tralee
12-1pm: The Square, Listwel, 2-3pm: The Square, Tralee, 4-5pm: Killarney (exact location tbc)
For more information contact Kerry For Choice: kerryforchoice@gmail.com


(More TBA soon!)


“Older women are now the fiercest pro-choice people in the country”

This Roadshow is a really important opportunity to get pro-choice messaging into all parts of Ireland, and we need your help! You can donate on our GoFundMe page to help the Roadshow reach more counties and hold more events. Having a visible pro-choice presence in rural areas is so important, not least because it gives people living in those areas an opportunity to talk about their experiences in a safe space, and to support the cause of choice in a context where they may not have felt secure doing so before. Our Regional Group volunteers have shared some of the stories they have heard from people coming to street stalls in rural areas around the country, and we’ve shared a couple of them below. Please help us provide a voice for the people of Ireland north and south who no longer wish to tolerate the cruel status quo:

“A young woman messaged us on Facebook after passing the stall one day. She said she was too nervous to stop to talk, but wanted to contact us to say how brave we were and to thank us for the work we were doing.” – one of our members in Sligo

“We had a grandfather applauding us. His daughter in law travelled to Liverpool for a termination after receiving a Fatal Foetal Abnormality diagnosis. The whole family was devastated but rallied around her and supported her. He said we’re doing brilliant work.” – one of our members in Meath

“In Cork we had two older women come up to sign the petition and tell us that their mother, in her late nineties, is the most pro-choice person they know and that older women are now the fiercest pro-choice people in the country, having seen the damage the 8th has done.” – one of our members in Cork

Your donations won’t go unrewarded. Check out the exciting goodies we have lined up for donors. These limited edition items have been custom-made for the Abortion Rights Roadshow, and you can only get them here by donating. Thanks so much, and we’ll see you on the road.

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