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Press Release: Ireland’s Abortion Laws Ruled ‘cruel and inhumane’ by UN Human Rights Committee for the Second Time

The Committee found that Siobhan Whelan, whose foetus was given a diagnosis of a condition incompatible with life in 2010 was forced to travel to the UK to terminate her…


Abortion Rights Campaign analysis of Saturday 7 January session of the Citizens’ Assembly

  As we have done before, this weekend we followed the livestream of the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) proceedings as they met for the second time to discuss the Eighth Amendment….

Justice scales

Fatal Foetal Abnormality

A search of the Wiley Online Library (a database of academic resources available online) for the term “fatal foetal abnormality” produces 2649 results. Searching for the American spelling “fatal fetal…

Press release: UN Human Rights Committee says Ireland’s prohibition on abortion violates human rights

In a landmark judgment today in the case of Amanda Jane Mellet v Ireland, the United Nations Human Rights Committee found that Ireland’s prohibition on abortion, in itself, violates human…

ARC Statement on Sabina Higgins Comments 9th May 2016

Abortion Rights Campaign support comments made by Sabina Higgins and call on the Government to call a referendum to Repeal the 8th. The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) welcome the remarks…