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Abortion Rights Campaign analysis of Saturday 7 January session of the Citizens’ Assembly

  As we have done before, this weekend we followed the livestream of the Citizens’ Assembly (CA) proceedings as they met for the second time to discuss the Eighth Amendment….

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Abortion Rights Campaign Submission to the Citizens’ Assembly

  The Abortion Rights Campaign is the largest grassroots pro-choice organisation in Ireland. In the attached document, which represents the first half of our submission, we have outlined the reasons…

Why I campaign for abortion rights

    One of our members shares with us their submission to the Citizens Assembly. Submissions are open until the 16th of December to anyone living in Ireland and Irish…

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What an abortion provider would tell the Citizens Assembly

This story was shared with the stories@abortionrights.ie email address and posted here with permission.  I have many stories tell, but I none of them are my own. I am responsible…

Can you help monitor the Citizens Assembly meetings?

The Abortion Rights Campaign welcomes members of the public to be our eyes and ears as the Citizens Assembly meetings get underway this coming Saturday. How can you help? It’s…