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Explainer: What actually happened at the Citizens’ Assembly?

  The Citizens’ Assembly had their final meeting on the 8th Amendment last weekend. It was a long and complicated process that in the end returned very strong recommendations. Are…


Call to Action: Contact Your TD About the Citizens’ Assembly

  The Citizens’ Assembly has returned some very clear recommendations on what kind of abortion access they expect to see enacted in Ireland. While we very much welcome the strong…


Citizens’ Assembly have ‘Chosen Choice’, says Abortion Rights Campaign

  Citizens’ Assembly have ‘Chosen Choice’, says Abortion Rights Campaign The Oireachtas must now respect the will of the Citizens’ Assembly members and call a referendum without delay. The Eighth…

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Want to help the Abortion Rights Campaign this summer and have fun doing it?

This summer the Abortion Rights Campaign will be fundraising at a number of outdoor concerts and needs your help! If you would like to see some bands for free, have…

Abortion Rights Campaign Values and Inclusivity Statement

ARC aspires to be inclusive and representative of the varied groups of people affected by Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws. We believe this requires a particular focus on those groups that…